Thank you for your interest in the Pay It Forward Loan Program.  Please check back regularly as funds become available with repayment by current loan recipients.

10/5/2023: The PIF Loan Fund is NOT currently accepting applications as all funds have been disbursed. Please check back regularly for updates.  

The Pay It Forward Loan Program provides assistance to Northern Virginia residents experiencing a financial need. Pay it Forward remains flexible and responsive to individuals, empowering them to identify what will make the most difference in their lives. Loan repayment is a vital component of maintaining the sustainability of the program and each recipient must agree to a repayment plan. Our goal is to complete the application and decision process as quickly as possible.

If you have questions or need assistance email

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a current Northern Virginia resident.
  • Must complete the online application and provide additional documentation upon request. 
  • Must participate in a brief application review session; may be conducted in-person, virtual, or by phone.
  • Loans are made to individuals/families only; businesses, schools, associations, nonprofit organizations, and faith communities are not eligible.
  • Previous recipients who have satisfactorily made full repayment are eligible to apply again.

Loan Details

  • Loan amounts are available up to $2,000.
  • Loans are interest-free with a $25 application processing fee at time of loan disbursement.
  • Loan repayment period may not exceed 18 months.
  • Loan repayments will be made via monthly automatic bank debits. NVFS will work with applicants to establish a repayment plan that takes into consideration individual circumstances and resources.
  • Failure to repay a loan may be reported to a Collection Agency and/or a Credit Bureau.

 Application Process
Please complete the brief application form below. As each applicant’s need is unique, NVFS will work with you to identify any documentation that may be needed to make an informed decision. Response times can take up to four business days. All shared data is kept confidential and secure. You will receive a verification notice after a successful application submission.