in direct response to help meet the needs of Loudoun County residents during the COVID-19 crisis. Pay it Forward has evolved and grown since its initial inception to meet the evolving needs of the residents of Northern Virginia. Between the support of the community, and the dedication of recipients repaying their loans, this sustainable loan program can pay those funds forward to help more individuals, families, and communities thrive!

Apply to Pay it Forward

What can loans be used for? ▼

Pay it Forward believes that a person’s needs, when unmet, can spiral into greater needs, and even financial crisis which can then affect their family and community. Need can take many forms from the basic necessities to assistance while waiting for the first paycheck from a new job, to costly textbooks, or even unexpected vehicle repairs. 

How much can be borrowed? ▼

Loans are available up to $2,000. 

How is the loan repaid? ▼

Loans must be repaid within 18 months via automatic bank debit payments. Loans are interest-free with a nominal processing fee is assessed at time of loan disbursement.

Why does the loan have to be repaid? ▼

The goal of Pay it Forward is to not only assist individuals in meeting their needs but to do so in a sustainable way. The repayment of each loan ensures that we can help someone else meet their needs. So, by paying a loan back, it is actually paying it forward!